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The patented Simple Shower is a little device that turns a bottle into a portable, handheld shower.  We make it in Washington State using recycled materials.  You won't find it in your local store, as we sell direct to consumer (not just on our website - but on other online sales platforms).

Simple directions for using the Simple Shower


Following are some of the typical uses for a Simple Shower.  If you've got one you think should be included, don't hesitate to contact use and let use know.  Who knows?  We might include it in our list of uses.


If you enjoy being dirty, dusty, and sweaty after a long day of hiking in the backcountry, and don’t mind stinking like a dirty pile of laundry, you might not be the perfect candidate for the Simple Shower.  But, if you’d rather climb into your sleeping bag at night without that sticky, salty, dusty, dirty, feeling and that raunchy smell, then look no further than the Simple Shower.  Just attach a Simple Shower to a water filled collapsible bottle at the end of the day’s hike and rinse off.

At less than an ounce, the Simple Shower, is the lightest camp shower on the market.  It’s also the smallest, just 2” by 2” (not counting the air tube).  So, when ounces count, you can count on the Simple Shower.

The Simple Shower fits a wide variety of collapsible bottles (Platypus, Source, Lifeline, etc.), most of which weigh less than an ounce.  This means you won’t be carrying a lot of weight (particularly compared to the “competition”), and it also means you’ll actually get clean!  

Don’t believe us?  Check out the reviews at

So, if you’re a backpacker, Backcountry Ranger, Boy Scout, or other backcountry aficionado, be sure to pack the world’s lightest shower with you (it’ll also make your tent buddy a lot happier).

A single liter using a collapsible bottle is enough to do a quick rinse and let you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

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The Simple Shower works great when camping. It’s not only useful for taking a quick shower, but you can use it for just washing hands when necessary, or just washing your hair and getting rid of that greasy hair syndrome that develops after just a couple of days in the outdoors.

Of course, the Simple Shower isn’t just for cleaning yourself when camping.  You can use it for a whole host of activities, such as rinsing off cookware (pots, pans, dishes, etc.), dirty camping gear, dirty pets, and even putting out your campfire!

One, two, and 1.5 liter bottles work great when camping and space isn’t a premium.

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If you’re touring the US on a road bike, racing in the Tour de France, or doing some gnarly downhill racing, the Simple Shower gives you a lightweight means of cleaning yourself and your bike after a day of cycling.  As with backpacking, there’s no need to climb into your sleeping bag all salty, covered with road grime, and smelling like a wet sock (unless that’s something you like to do).  Since the Simple Shower is so small and lightweight, you won’t even notice you’re carrying it, until it’s time to clean up.

Just like backpackers, we recommend a single liter using a collapsible bottle.  That should be enough to do a quick rinse and let you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

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At the Beach

Simple Shower at the BeachSurf, sun, and sand.  What’s not to like?  Imagine a day spent at the beach, maybe swimming, body surfing, or shooting the waves on a board.  Of course, it’s all fun and games until it’s time to go home, and then you’re crawling into a hot car covered with salt and sand.  Well, no more!  The Simple Shower lets you rinse off after a day at the beach.  No more sticky salt rides home, or tracking sand into your car.  Simply use the Simple Shower to rinse off at the end of your beach day and experience a much more comfortable ride home.

The Simple Shower is also great for rinsing off surf boards, kayaks, beach toys, basically anything that gets wet, salty, and sandy (including children and pets!).

One, two, and 1.5 liter bottles work great, and if kept in the car while you’re enjoying the beach, the water will be nice and warm when you’re ready to leave (warning – cars get very hot in the summer, as does water kept in a bottle in the car – use caution).


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If you live in one of those disaster prone areas, where you might experience an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, or windstorm (our favorite Pacific Northwest event) the Simple Shower is one of those little simple devices you’ll wish you had before the disaster.  While food and water might be easy to come by through community, state, or federal aid organizations, they usually don’t bring showers with them.  This is where the Simple Shower excels.  Just attach the Simple Shower to a bottle of water and you’ve got an instant handheld shower!

One thing many people (including the CEO of Rainburst, Inc.) wishes they had available within days of a disaster is a shower.  We hear that time after time.  Of course, we have the solution.  At the very least, the Simple Shower can let you wash your hair, face, and other body parts with a single 1.5 liter bottle, leaving you refreshed and able to tackle the multitude of chores necessary to bringing your life back to a semblance of normalcy.   Using just two 1.5 or 2 liter bottles will give you a full “navy” shower (rinse, lather, rinse), and if that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks after several days of getting grimy and dirty, we don’t know what will (well, maybe a million bucks will).

SODIS Method

If you're uncertain about how clean the water is that you might have to use, here's a tip on dealing with dirty water (but this doesn't work with water contaminated by chemicals).  First, get a bucket and poke a hole in the center of the bottom.  Add the following to the bucket, from the bottom to the top: cloth, sand (about 1/3 the depth of the bucket), and charcoal (also about 1/3 the depth of the bucket). You can substitute a bottle for the buck, just cut the bottom off the bottle and turn it upside and use the same cloth, sand, layer from the bottle mouth to the bottle bottom (which will now be the top - got it?).

You'll need clear plastic PET bottles for this (no other type will work).  Filter water through the bucket (or modified bottle) and into the bottle (make sure the water is sediment free).  Put a cap on the bottle, then lay the water filled bottle in the sun.  Depending on how sunny it is, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will sterilize the water within hours or days.  To learn more about this system, known as SODIS, check out the SODIS website.

One, two, and 1.5 liter bottles work great after disasters, but you can also use the smaller bottles most aid agency hand out. 

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Whether you’re preparing for an earthquake, a power outage, or the Zombie apocalypse, there’s nothing like being prepared to be clean (well, after water, food, and shelter).  What better way than to have a couple of 2 liter bottles of water and a Simple Shower or two.  Both the bottle and the Simple Shower will last a long time, and both are re-usable.

Just put a Simple Shower (or two) away with your emergency supplies, bug out bag, or bug out location and don’t sweat the rest of it.  And if you do sweat it, you can always wash away that sweat with the Simple Shower. 

For preparedness, we recommend keeping full bottles of water on hand (1.5, and 2 liter types) and a couple of 1 or 2 liter collapsible bottles (just in case).

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Peace Corps

Congratulations on getting in with one of America’s best agencies!  We love the Peace Corps, its members (past and present), and know just how rough some of the postings can be (our CEO grew up in developing world countries in Central America, Africa, and Asia).

If you haven’t been to your posting yet, you might be in a bit of a rude awakening.  Most developed countries don’t have quite the same hygiene facilities that you might be used to (including showers).  To that end, you might want to pack a couple of Simple Showers to take with you.   Heck, take a dozen.  That way you can share with the locals or other Peace Corps members.

One, two, and 1.5 liter bottles work great, but we don’t know about the 3 liter bottles that abound.  Drop us a not (e-mail or snail mail) to let us know if they do (and if so, how well).

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Aid Workers

Another group we love – those who help others!  Be it providing aid after a tornado in the Midwest, a hurricane on the Gulf Coast or East Coast, an Earthquake on the West Coast, or any disaster anywhere around the world, aid workers can benefit by having a Simple Shower for their own use when out for days or weeks at a time.  Since the Simple Shower is so small, lightweight, and works with just about any standard 1, 1.5, or 2 liter bottle and most 16 ounce bottles, you can carry one (or more) with you when responding to aid situation. 

If you’re providing aid overseas (the CEO volunteered at a refugee camp in Thailand when he was in high school), you either know, or will soon find out, that bathing facilities can be primitive or non-existent, especially after a disaster.  Before you can help others, you must help yourself.  This is one way of doing so, for very little money and effort. 

Simple Showers are also great to hand out to those whom the Aid Workers are assisting.  Talk to your agency about getting some to distribute.

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Van Dwellers

Living the life, traveling the country, and doing so while saving money and spending very little.  Sounds like our kind of person!  Of course, one of the most difficult things about being a Van Dweller is staying clean.  Of course, many have tried spit baths, solar showers, spray bottles, and battery operated showers, but there’s nothing quite as good, inexpensive, and versatile as the Simple Shower.

If you’re boondocking, you’ll probably just use the Simple Shower outdoors.  If you do, we recommend wearing flip-flops to keep the bottoms of your feet clean.  We also recommend throwing some type of shower curtain around your bathing area (no need to scare the critters or any wandering people).

You can also use the Simple Shower inside your van (be sure to read this post). 

It’s because of van dwellers that we invented the Simple Shower (long story – you can read a little of it in this post

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Adventure Bikers

If the words from Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” don’t strike a chord with you, you’ve probably never been on a bike (when we say “bike” we really mean “motorcycle”).   Our CEO spent several months traveling around the US on a Honda 500CB back in the day, and he knows a fair amount about showers while biking.  Your choices are campgrounds, truck stops, and solar showers.  Two (may) have great pressure, but facility cleanliness is always a concern, and the less said about solar showers, the better.  And if you’re on the adventure of a lifetime, where you’re riding the Pan American highway or a pista in Africa, your options are even less.

Now bikers have the option of carrying a shower with them.  Combined with a collapsible bottle (or two), you can have a shower that takes up very little space (something that’s always at a premium on a bike).

We recommend a Simple Shower combined with a couple of 1, 1.5, or 2 liter collapsible bottles (depending on what type of shower you like and how much water you need to get clean). 

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If you’re in the military, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks for all you do.  Your service is what helps keep our country free.

If you’re being deployed overseas, particularly to one of those fine locations with less than optimal base conditions, consider taking a Simple Shower (or two).  Don’t take our word for how useful it can be, instead, here’s what a member of the military had to say in his review on Amazon:  “This simple device would have been a big help to me and others in the Army and USMC during the Iraq invasion in 2003 when we sometimes went a week or more between showers. We had plenty of waterbottles, but did not have a good way of using them to this purpose. I am sure that it will be popular with the troops in Afghanistan and other similar locations.”

One or two Simple Showers with whatever water bottles you can grab will do wonders in getting some of that grime off you.

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Going on that mission trip out of the country?  Be sure you keep in mind that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  Not all mission locations have ideal bathing facilities (you’re probably going on a mission to provide some).  In that case, it’s best to take a Simple Shower with you.  You’ll undoubtedly be able to find a bottle or two wherever you go (they’re ubiquitous around the world).

Consider taking several Simple Showers with you as gifts to those you’ll be working with and for.  If they don’t have quality bathing facilities, they might be thrilled to get one as a gift.

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Babies and Infants

If you’re the parent of a newborn, you’re probably thinking to yourself “how the heck do I wash this little thing safely?”  The thought of putting your newborn in a bathtub full of water is certainly one to give you nightmares about, so that’s where a Simple Shower combined with a baby bath tub comes in handy.  Simply put the little tot in the baby bath tub, fill up a bottle with warm water (remember, not too warm – the little tykes are sensitive), attach the Simple Shower, and hose off the little bundle of dirt.

What makes the Simple Shower great for washing babies is that you control the temperature and flow, all with a single hand, so you’ve got a hand free to deal with the slippery little eel (get the feeling that we’ve been parents of newborns?). 

Even if you don’t have a baby bath tub, you can still use the Simple Shower in your regular tub – just don’t fill the tub with water!

Probably the greatest thing about using the Simple Shower instead of a traditional bath is that the risk of a baby drowning in a tub filled with water can be eliminated.  Using only a Simple Shower, and keeping the drain open, is a truly safe way of bathing a baby.


Be safe.  Use a Simple Shower with the little tyke.


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One of the most amazing reviews I saw for the Simple Shower on Amazon had this to say: It works great when I have to remove "soil" from my older cat's rear end.  ‘Nuff said about cats.

We discovered that the Simple Shower is great for washing dogs.  There’s no scary noise or pressure, and because the flow feels like rain falling, most dogs simply put up with it.  If you’re out camping with Fido and don’t want dirty paws in your tent, rinse off their paws before letting them in.  You can also rinse off Fido if he decides to roll in the mud or something he finds has a particularly fine bouquet (although it’s probably a smell you’d rather he had left on the dead animal he rolled in).  And if Fido gets hot while hiking, you can cool him off by using the Simple Shower to douse him with water.


Before and After using a Simple Shower

Photos courtesy of gear tester Jamie DeBenedtto

It’s also great for washing off horse fetlocks, lizards, turtles, goldfish, and honey badgers (well, we don’t actually recommend that last one, despite their total awesomeness).

One liter should work with smaller critters.  Larger and dirtier critters will likely need several 2 liter bottles.

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Whether your gunkholing the San Juans, avoiding the Pirates of the Caribbean, or doing that RTW (‘Round The World) trip you planned for years, having a Simple Shower on board sure helps staying clean and rinsing off salt, all with a minimal amount of fresh water.  A single liter is all you need to rinse off after a saltwater bath (we don’t recommend using salt water with the Simple Shower, as that’ll leave salt residue in the bottle and Simple Shower, which defeats the purpose of a freshwater rinse with the Simple Shower).

We recommend a 1 or 1.5 liter bottle for those living the sailing/cruising life.  And, yes, you can still use the Simple Shower if you’ve got a power yacht. 

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Ah, nothing like attending Burning Man or other multi-day festival to remind you just how great a shower feels.  With the Simple Shower, you don’t need a tree to hang a shower in, propane, noisy generators, or other devices to annoy your fellow festival attendees, just grab a bottle of water, attach the Simple Shower, and get clean.  You’ll not only feel great, but you’ll be the envy of all the other attendees.  Heck, consider renting out your Simple Shower to cover the cost of the festival.  Who wouldn’t pay a couple of bucks to get clean?

We recommend taking two Simple Showers and a couple of 1.5 or 2 liter bottles (bring spares, make money, make friends!). 

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