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Tips & FAQ's

What type of bottle can I use?

The Simple Shower will fit on practically any 1, 1.5, or 2 liter plastic bottle.  It will also fit on most 1, 2, and 3 liter collapsible bottles, including Platypus, Source, Lifeline, and many others.

Large mouth juice bottles can also be used by jamming the Simple Shower inside the mouth. As the Simple Shower is gravity fed, not forced, there is no pressure to force the Simple Shower out of the bottle mouth.

Many people like the idea of using a plastic milk jug. While in the works, we don’t have a Simple Shower that fits on milk jugs yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Simply cut the neck of the milk jug in a spiral manner until the opening is wide enough to insert the Simple Shower, and then jam the Simple Shower into the cut opening. As with large mouth juice bottles, the Simple Shower will remain in place during use.

Believe it or not, but the milk carton type containers with a regular bottle neck (like a pop bottle) can also be used with the Simple Shower (although we find them a bit awkward to hold).

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Where's the bottle?

Currently, Rainburst does not provide the bottle.  We want you to be like us, thrifty and environmental minded.  Use a bottle you have lying around (or ask for a free one from somewhere).  Be sure to clean the bottle out prior to use.

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What’s the purpose of the tube?

It displaces the water in the bottle with air. That’s what generates the generous water flow (1.8 gpm) without causing glugging or the bottle to collapse.

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How much does it weigh?

The Simple Shower weighs less than an ounce (it’s been weighed at .9 ounces). Plastic bottles and collapsible bottles are also very lightweight (around an ounce, sometimes less). So, there you have it. The lightest handheld portable shower on the market.

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How do I use a Simple Shower?

Take a bottle of water, attach the Simple Shower, and turn it upside down. To turn it off, right the bottle (no complicated on/off switches – we keep it simple).

For a full body shower, here’s our recommended proven technique – one that’s guaranteed to get you wet (with the least amount of water and time).

Grasp the funnel of the Simple Shower between your thumb and index finger, ensuring your palm is facing the same way as the cap (i.e., the same direction that the water will flow when the bottle is upside down). This usually means grabbing the Simple Shower with your palm up.

Raise the Simple Shower over your head and turn the bottle upside down and let the water flow down your hand, arm, and side. Move the Simple Shower over your head and quickly circle around it, wetting your head, back, and front. Finally, switch hands and let the water flow over your hand, arm, and side.

Set the bottle down, grab your soap, and lather up!

Repeat the rinse cycle (Step 2 above) until rinsed of all soap. If one bottle is insufficient, be sure to have a second bottle handy (we actually recommend having two Simple Showers so you don’t have to switch Simple Showers midstream, so to speak).

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How do I warm the water up?

There are a variety of ways of warming water up.  In a test we conducted on a clear day, with beginning ambient temperature of 73F (22.8C) and ending ambient temperature of 82F (27.8C), we discovered that the ambient temperature of the water in every container was reached within one hour (the original water temperature was 58F [14.5C]). Within four hours a one liter bottle had warmed to 104F (40C), a 2 liter bottle had warmed to 100F (37.8C), and a solar shower had exceeded 120F (48.9C) - beyond the point of scalding! 

If leaving a bottle out in the sun for four hours is too long, you could always warm some water over a stove and pour it into the bottle (the Simple Shower is designed so you can unscrew the cap and have a funnel).  If doing it this way, though, be sure the temperature does not exceed 104F (40C), which is the maximum temperature we recommend using the Simple Shower.  Do not put any water into the bottle that exceeds 110F (43.3C)! While the Simple Shower can handle it, we’re afraid you can’t.

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How much water do I need for a full shower?

That depends.  Do you like long showers or short ones?  Are you using soap and shampoo, or just rinsing off?

If using soap and shampoo, we recommend using 3-4 liters (but a single 2 liter bottle has worked).  Simply wet your body, lather up, then rinse off. Not quite as good as a long, hot, steaming shower in your own home, but it'll definitely do the job.

If just rinsing off, a single liter is usually sufficient.

The best way to find out what works best for you is to practice at home before you actually need the Simple Shower. Nobody likes being all soaped up and out of water.

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What’s the flow rate?

The Simple Shower has a 1.8 gallon per minute flow rate, slightly less than a water saving shower head. Unlike one of those shower heads, though, the Simple Shower feels like being under a real shower, due to its unique design.

This means a 1 liter bottle will last 18 seconds, a 1.5 liter bottle will last 27 seconds, and a 2 liter bottle will last 36 seconds. While that may not sound like a lot of time, remember that the guarantee of the Simple Shower is “we will get you wet.” As such, you’ll get wet fast and be able to rinse off fast (unlike solar showers, which have a completely wimpy spray).

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Where’s the on/off switch?

There isn’t one. The Simple Shower is a portable, handheld shower. This means you’re supposed to be holding it during use. Hold it upside down to turn it on, and then turn it right side up to turn it off. Pretty simple

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Can I use the Simple Shower as a bottle cap?

No. It’s a shower, not a cap. We’ve got a design in the works that might help out, but that is still a ways out. If you would like to see a cap, please give us some feedback. If lots of people are interested we’ll make it a higher priority than it currently is.

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Is there an adapter for wide-mouth Nalgene bottles or Kleen Kanteens?

Yes, and no. As with the bottle cap version, we have the design (it’s part of our patent), but it’s not at the top of our production priority list. Give us some feedback if you feel that it’s important to have this option.

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Where is the Simple Shower made?

We manufacture and assemble it in Washington State, using recycled materials. It’s assembled by a non-profit organization that employs the developmentally disabled and disadvantaged. We also have all of our packaging made in Washington State.

While we could manufacture it in China or another developing world country, cut costs, and get it to you for less money, we decided to help our neighbors by giving them employment opportunities. It’s our way of giving back to the community.

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What is the Simple Shower made of?

We make the Simple Shower out of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). It’s BPA free, so it’s safe to use on humans, critters, plants, and zombies.

Our packaging is also made from recycled cardboard. We’re all about recycling here at Rainburst, Inc.

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How is the Simple Shower any better than the competitors?

Wow, where to go on this one? First off, most showers are great. All (including the Simple Shower) have their advantages and disadvantages.

Solar Showers

Have you ever used a solar shower? Big black bag you fill with water and let warm up in the sun? Well, consider that water weighs 8.4 pounds per gallon, and those bags carry 2.5 to 5 gallons, we’re talking 21 to 42 pound of water that you have to lift at least four feet above your head to use. And the spray isn’t even all that good (remember, the purpose of a shower is to get wet, lather up, rinse off). As a matter of fact, the spray is so bad it takes far too long to rinse off.

On top of that, it’s hit or miss with water temperatures using solar showers. Sometimes they’re not warm enough, and other times they’re scalding (literally – and this presents a major health issue, particularly with young kids with tender skin).

So, lightweight, easy to use safely (Simple Shower) versus heavy, awkward, and dangerous (solar shower). I’ll go with the Simple Shower.

Battery Operated Showers

Battery operated showers are fine, as long as the battery doesn’t die (‘nuff said).

Propane, Pressure Operated, and Bag Showers

Propane and pressure operated ones are also fine (as long as the propane holds out and the pressure seal doesn’t break). Obviously, neither of these are suitable for long term emergency or field situations, and they’re certainly not something you’d want to take backpacking.

There’s a portable shower that is a rubberized bag with a nozzle that works well (not as efficient or as flexible in the types of use as the Simple Shower), but it also weighs more than the Simple Shower. If you’re a backpacker, where ounces matter, the Simple Shower is obviously the better choice.

Poking Holes in Bottle Caps

This seems to be the method most advocated by those who don't see the value in spending real money on the Simple Shower.  "Just poke some holes in a bottle cap.  It's the same thing" we see time and again.  Well, let's just say you get what you pay for.  You can spend time poking holes in a bottle cap (using a drill, a punch, a knife, a hot needle, or whatever) and then you get a portable handheld shower that you have to squeeze and that doesn't do near the job as a Simple Shower.  If you have the time, inclination, tools, and a desire not to use the best product on the market, then to all those naysayers we say "Have at it!"  But, if you want a real shower, then spend the money on a Simple Shower.

Home Shower

Your shower at home. Great while you have power and water pressure, but if you’re like us (we’re located in Enumclaw, WA, a little town at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in western Washington), we tend to lose power once or twice a year for days at a time. No power. No water pressure. We warm water on the stove and use Simple Showers (yes, we practice what we preach).

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Do you ship Internationally?

Why, yes.  Yes we do.  We ship to most countries, but not all at this time.  If you don't find your country listed in those that we ship to when checking out, notify us and we'll see what we can do.

When purchasing from abroad, though, we recommend buying two Simple Showers.  That's because there is very little difference in shipping costs between shipping one Simple Shower or shipping two Simple Showers (in some cases, it's the same cost). 

If you live in Canada, you're lucky.  Simple Showers can be bought on and, if you're a member, at Mountain Equipment Co-op.  Buying from these locations will save you a bunch of money on shipping.

Be forewarned, your country may impose a import tariff or duty on your purchase, which you'll be responsible for paying.


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