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New Product Combo!

Simple Shower + Shower Toga

The Simple Shower and Shower Toga have partnered together to provide you with all you need to take a private shower anywhere.

The Shower Toga was invented and designed to fix a huge problem. How to get clean after a long day of activity when you don't want to wait in line for a public shower or you do not have access to a public shower. With the Shower Toga, you can simply, privately and easily change out of your dirty clothes. 

Once you have removed your dirty clothes, the shower toga remains in place to provide privacy, and the hidden pockets allow you to reach through to clean off your body with soap and your water source (something as simple as a Simple Shower). The Shower Toga then allows you to redress with the innovative design. Once you have your fresh clean clothes on, you may use the drawstrings on the top and the bottom of The Shower Toga to pack up your dirty clothes and shoes, etc., by cinching The Shower Toga on each end and creating a waterproof area to store your dirty items.

The perfect companion to the Simple Shower for outdoor showering!

We do not sell individual Shower Togas, only Shower Togas bundled with Simple Showers. If you want an individual Shower Toga without the Simple Shower (Gasp! How could you?) then visit our partner site