Tips and FAQS

What type of bottle can I use?

The Simple Shower will fit on practically any 1 or 2 liter plastic bottle.  It will also fit on most collapsible bottles, including Platypus, Source, Lifeline, and many others.

Where's the bottle?

Rainburst does not provide the bottle.  We want you to be like us, thrifty and environmental minded.  Use a bottle you have lying around (or ask for a free one from somewhere).  Be sure to clean the bottle out prior to use.

How do I warm the water up?

There are a variety of ways of warming water up.  In a test we conducted on a clear day, with beginning ambient temperature of 73F and ending ambient temperature of 82F, we discovered that the ambient temperature of the water in every container was reached within one hour (the original water temperature was 58F). Within 4 hours a one liter bottle had warmed to 104F, a 2 liter bottle had warmed to 100F, and a solar shower had exceeded 120F (beyond the point of scalding!). 

If leaving a bottle out in the sun for four hours is too long, you could always warm some water over a stove and pour it into the bottle (the Simple Shower is designed so you can unscrew the cap and have a funnel).  If doing it this way, though, be sure the temperature does not exceed 104F (which is the maximum temperature we recommend using the Simple Shower).  Do not put any water into the bottle that exceeds 110F!

How much water do I need for a full shower?

That depends.  Do you like long showers or short ones?  We recommend using 4 liters, but 2 liters (a single 2 liter bottle) has worked.  Simply wet your body, lather up, then rinse off.  Not quite as good as a long, hot, steaming shower in your own home, but it'll definitely do the job.

Where can I buy a Simple Shower

As we always recommend shopping local, check with your local retailer first.  If they don't carry it, check our Retailer page to find one near you.